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Change Rising (The Scope, #2)  by  John E. Guzzardo

Change Rising (The Scope, #2) by John E. Guzzardo
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It has been nearly a year since Jay Ferragamo inherited the Editor’s chair of The Scope, and much has changed. Botched coverage of a cheating scandal has led the staff to be hesitant, but rumblings of discontent have made caution an unaffordableMoreIt has been nearly a year since Jay Ferragamo inherited the Editor’s chair of The Scope, and much has changed. Botched coverage of a cheating scandal has led the staff to be hesitant, but rumblings of discontent have made caution an unaffordable luxury.When outspoken Student Government Senator DeMarcus Milton levels accusations of racial bias in the Homecoming elections, it sends shock waves throughout the campus, the city, and the staff of The Scope itself.

Now, Jay finds himself in the impossible position of having to balance his Editorial promise to do what’s best for the student body against what he knows is best for the entire community.Making matters worse are the machinations of Student Government President Tasha Davidson and Advisor Frank Hoversham, whose efforts to send a message to Milton have unintended, and potential explosive consequences.

In order to cover this powder keg, Jay must patch this staff back together, and help everyone to see that change Milton is attempting to bring is far more noble than any personal ambitions or vendettas he may hold.In order for this change to rise, Jay has the most important, and dangerous job of all- changing minds.Excerpt:Everyone generally makes a daily mistake they would like to take back. Mine was decision to eat lunch in the Dining Hall. Fortunately, Cassie and I managed to run into each other.

I say fortunately because it wasnt often I had a chance to talk with my Arts Editor, much less spend some meal time with her.“Cassie!” I called out. “Pull up a chair.”She came up to me cautiously and sat down. The model of discretion, she made sure all of her personal belongings remained close to her. This day she was wearing clothes very different from her normal attire. A grey t-shirt that showed her bustline in quite detailed fashion and pencil skirt that hugged her hips, making her look ultra-sexy, but still conservative.

She looked me in the eye and tried to get a feel for what I was wanting from her. “No, Kenny and I didnt do a thing the other night.”That was not my first question, but it certainly answered some lingering ones I had. With that put to rest, I decided to go for the jugular. “How do you feel about going into a lions den?”“As in?” she turned her head slightly in anticipation of what I was about to suggest.“I want to set up an interview between you and Senator Milton,” I said with a witty look in my eye.

“I think it would quite an entertaining exchange.”Cassie visibly chafed at that one and I couldnt say I blamed her. She had long considered Milton a bit on the lecherous side, and hesitated to allow her allegedly chaste personality to be corrupted from what she perceived as his banal instincts. Still, I had to, for lack of better terms, give it the “ol college try.”“You know how I feel about that man,” she said in protest.

“He makes me very uncomfortable.”“I know,” I said, trying to plead my case. “And that is why I need you, more than anyone else, to interview him. Like it or not, you are uncomfortable around him because you can read him better than anyone.”Cassie rolled her eyes up, pondering my request. “And if I refuse?”“No consequences,” I smiled. “Consider it a favor to a friend.”“Your favors can be dangerous, Jay” Cassie stated.

She was quite right. The last time I asked a favor of her, she had to put herself in an uncomfortable position with the Delta Omega Wet T-shirt contest, ultimately becoming involved in it as “research.” Ironically, the girl who was lovingly referring to in the office as “Little Miss Moral” placed second in the contest, a testimony to the fact that male hormones could give a damn about moral standards.“That contest was your idea,” I countered.

“You know it, and I know it. This is a special request. No obligation to do it.”Cassie sat back and pondered it with crossed arms. Several seconds passed by, and I was not entirely sure which way she was going to go with her decision. I dutifully slurped on my glass of milk while reading a piece of copy Anshana had written the night before. Finally, Cassie sighed and appeared to have made her decision. “Okay, I’ll do it on one condition...”Time for the deal-breaker I was certain she was about to wing by me.

“Go ahead,”“If Milton makes a pass at me, interviews done,” she said. “I dont care how close to a breakthrough, a juicy story, or a lead we are. I will not tolerate him hitting on me.”I grinned and then actually chuckled. Cassie became very irritated with this display of bemusement. “Whats the joke, Jay?”“No joke,” I chortled. “I just figured that was an assumed rule. You must think Im some sort of sicko...”“Not at all,” she said apologetically.

“I just hate men ogling me. Thats all.”I nodded in agreement. This one I completely respected her on. Cassie had a killer body, but she was raised a very pious young woman. While you could say it was for religious reasons, her father being Pentecostal, but a matter of not finding a man she could truly feel safe around was a far more believable theory. Kenny appeared to be that one safety net she needed, and perhaps that was why she was more willing to assert herself and her expectations of assignments.

Either way, it was refreshing.

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