Full Contact Chapter Five: In the Hatch Daniel Kucan



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Full Contact Chapter Five: In the Hatch  by  Daniel Kucan

Full Contact Chapter Five: In the Hatch by Daniel Kucan
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-From the Editor:Full Contact is a semi-autobiographical story told in parts where each chapter is a fight. Our hero, Zach, doesnt know how to say no to a good brawl. Fortunately, he doesnt know how to lose one either. But for all of Zachs superhuman powers in the ring, the human world eludes him. Behind all the crunchy, wet gore Zach metes out--and meets with--lies a good heart baffled by the challenges of daily living, deeply loving, and simply staying out of trouble.Part Five of TenDuring a jailhouse group therapy session, Isaac encounters his old best friend from childhood.

Its a tough trip, though, down this memory lane--fraught with knights and tigers, superheroes and lost innocence, as Zach comes face-to-face with some old demons--and a few new ones.

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